Our Team



The Engine Room

Daniel Nelson

General Manager

Having seen the light to return to NZ after working overseas, Daniel has finally swapped his long sleeved pin stripe shirts for pink shirts and stylish tees. Daniel is doing everything that no one else wants to do, some of which includes planning and finance. He also has a lot of kids, so rarely spends much time doing anything else.

Office direct dial: +64 6 833 7851
Mobile: +64 27 295 7238
Email: daniel@hahawine.co.nz

Ashton Ireland

Sales Director

One of the owners, Ash loves to talk wine, drink wine, and mountain bike – sometimes all at the same time. Ash looks after our domestic and international sales. His bike often accompanies him as he shares his passion for Hãhã wines around the globe.

Office direct dial: +64 6 833 7859
Mobile: +64 21 426 577
Email: ashton@hahawine.co.nz

Kim Ellison


Hot on the heels of an illustrious career in advertising, Kim is no stranger to the world of wine. Here at Hãhã, she’s responsible for getting the word out about what a great drop we make. Outside of the office, Kim can be found in picturesque Hawke’s Bay locales showing complete strangers photos of her dog, Jedi.

Office direct dial: +64 6 833 7817
Mobile: +64 21 587 941
Email: kim@hahawine.co.nz

Shannon Boyce

Logistics & Operations

Shannon arrived at Hãhã via the Barossa Valley by way of Blenheim. You can tell by her choice of locations that wine has always played a large part in her life, particularly when accompanied by chocolate. She studied wine at Lincoln and last year, drank wine all over Europe. Ironically, she’s now responsible for getting the wine into the bottle.

Office direct dial: +64 6 833 7850
Mobile: +64 21 426 070
Email: shannon@hahawine.co.nz

Kellie Deakin

Customer Service & Sales Support

Kellie has a diverse background including owning her own businesses and prior to joining Hãhã working in an accountancy firm. At home she tends her flock of 40 sheep, 3 horses and 2 goats and at work she looks after a flock of colleagues and customers. In her spare time we’ve heard a rumour about ceroc dancing but you’ll have to ask Kellie about that.

Office direct dial: +64 6 833 7814
Mobile: +64 27 408 9716
Email: kellie@hahawine.co.nz

Maree Brown

Sales & Merchandising

Maree does a stellar job supporting our customers “on-the-ground” in Auckland and beyond, and you will find her in stores wine tasting, or tasting the wine, and providing customer support at every level.

Mobile: +64 21 0297 2403
Email: maree@hahawine.co.nz

Ben Plummer

Sales & Merchandising

When Ben is not on the road selling and tasting wine with our fabulous customers in Auckland, he can be found making school lunches for his two daughters and sitting in front of the telly cheering on England Rugby (yes, he’s definitely a minority).

Mobile: +64 21 235 6283
Email: ben@hahawine.co.nz

John McCaskey

Sales & Merchandising

John encompasses his personal passion for wine and puts it into practice ‘on the ground’ in Christchurch. When he’s not just drinking our wine, he’s out doing tastings and spreading the good word with our wonderful customers.

Mobile: +64 27 247 9533

The Vineyard & Winery

Ant MacKenzie

Viticulturist/ Winemaker

Ant has lived and breathed all things wine for over 20 years. This extremely talented man is a rock star in his own right and has his own established Ant Mackenzie Wines brand. Ant oversees our growers and provides winemaking expertise.

Chris Harrison


Chris is well known in the Hawke’s Bay as a craftsman of fine wines and great beers. Having created a successful brew pub, this paved the way to follow his passion in creating Beach House Wines, now recognized as one of New Zealand’s top producers of fine wines.

Emma Lowe


Emma has worked in wineries all over the world, including Australia, Switzerland, South Africa, France, and Chile. An amazing multi-tasker and mother of two, she and husband Marcelo set up Monowai Estate in Hawke’s Bay.

Gary Duke


After 25 years at the helm of the winemaking team for Hunter’s in Marlborough and numerous awards and accolades to his name, Gary has a well deserved reputation as one of New Zealand’s leading winemakers.