In Te Reo Māori, Hãhã means to catch your breath. The breath of conversation which brings us together. The discussions and reflections, the memories and stories binding the past to the present and the present to future ventures. The breath weaving our worlds together. It is the inspiration behind our Hãhã logo, carried on each bottle of wine and shared with you.

Family owned and focused, our quality driven company is built on a generosity of spirit towards each other and the land, and the foundation of sharing and caring. Internationally acclaimed, our range of premium quality Hãhã wines are a true expression of both the long warm summers of the Marlborough region and the temperate Hawke’s Bay climate. Sharing a place, a time and a belonging, our wines are robust in fruit flavours and delectable aromas.


Hãhã Wine was born from three families coming together and sharing their passion for wines. This partnership is at the foundation of a sharing and caring culture carried out in all aspects of the wine making process. Their background in farming and fishing export is reflected in the company’s respect for the land with all vineyards and facilities certified 100% sustainable and its uncompromising commitment to quality.

A taste of New Zealand

All our vineyards, wineries and bottling facilities are certified as 100% sustainable by Sustainable Winegrowing New Zealand and we are committed to an environmentally responsible approach.

Our premium quality wines are robust in fruit flavours and delectable aromas. They are a true taste of New Zealand.

Internationally acclaimed and now one of the fastest growing New Zealand wine brands, Hãhã is found in all corners of the world. Our wines are uncomplicated goodness, ready to share on any occasion with those that matter most. So, bring your loved ones together, raise a glass and raise a smile. Share the magic of New Zealand with Hãhã.