About us

We are a family owned wine company that focuses on producing consistently high quality wines to be enjoyed across all types of occasions. Our talented winemakers and dedicated growers create our wines from sustainable vineyards in the renowned Marlborough and Hawke’s Bay regions of New Zealand.

Hãhã in Mãori means savoury and luscious. Our wines are a toast to the diverse goodness of Aotearoa, New Zealand – grown with love, created with confidence and selected with passion.

What’s the wine like?

Our wines are produced in a beautiful fruit-forward style with complexity, texture and elegant layering. And we’re confident that they punch well above their weight.

These are wines that you can happily share whether you’re looking for a happy crowd-pleaser, a food-lovers favourite, or to raise a smile after a stressful day.

The end result is a range of charming, affordable and outstanding quality wines made with open minds and open hearts, from a beautiful country of open places.

A bit of history

It all started when three families already working together successfully exporting apples, meat and seafood talked about including wine into the mix. Over the course of time, there was a unanimous agreement to produce a delicious New Zealand wine to take to the world. With a fourth family on board, Hãhã Wines was launched with a bang in 2011.

We search high and low across New Zealand to explore and discover genuinely superb grapes nurtured by incredible growers. Our field of vision is broad, which means we can select to work with growers from any region in the country – as long as the fruit is full of flavour. Then we leave our talented viticulturist and expert winemakers to work their magic to get the wine into bottle for you to enjoy.

All our vineyards, wineries and bottling facilities are certified as 100% sustainable by Sustainable Winegrowing New Zealand, which means we are all committed to employing and continually improving environmentally responsible procedures.