Hãhã x Boh Runga – 2018 Hawke’s Bay Bohsé

Limited Edition Singles

This ‘Boh-llaboration’ is a celebration of summer and all it means to Boh.

A beautifully fragrant Rosé, or in this case ‘Bohsé’, made by Hãhã and dressed in Boh Runga’s Monarch design originally for Designer Rugs Kiwi Icon Collection.

Each bottle comes ready to gift in a beautiful box that tells Boh’s summer story;

“Aotearoa in summer means so many things to me…

Crowns of crimson on pōhutukawa, the glint of black sand beaches and scanning the blue above for that skylark trilling its song in the heat of a clear afternoon. 

I also love watching our Monarch butterflies in their haphazard flight. Sometimes they glide, their gossamer wings capturing a barely-there breeze, and sometimes they flutter like jerky little marionettes…”

With hints of strawberry, lifted florals and watermelon Bohsé is an elegant wine with a lingering crisp, dry finish. Perfect for sharing on long, languid days.

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We’ve teamed up with the talented team at Boh Runga for our first ever ‘Boh-llaboration’ – 2018 Hawke’s Bay Bohsé.