COVID-19 Delivery Update

We are currently open for business and able to deliver to your door during the lockdown period under Haha Wine Company Ltd remote off-licence. The online ordering and delivery of alcohol via contactless courier has been approved during this time and is listed on the Covid-19 Government website here. We are adhering to all safe and hygienic working practices and our warehouse will do the best to get orders processed in a timely fashion with limited staff.

*Please note, couriers are prioritising urgent supplies to the community first,  to which we are 100% supporting, so please allow for extended delivery times.



To keep everybody safe, when delivering your order the courier will alert you that they have arrived by knocking on your door. They will then stand 2 metres away from you and ask for your name which they will enter in their system and sign CV-19 on your behalf. They will then place the parcel down in front of them to complete the delivery or in a more appropriate place you indicate.


If you have any queries or concerns, please feel free to get in touch with the Hãhã team on 06 833 7814 or email at


We really appreciate your patience, support and understanding during these turbulent times. We hope you, your friends, and family all remain safe. Keep well, be kind, stay home and look after each other as we ride this wave.