It was a gorgeous day for picking our 2015 vintage of Pinot Gris, so we took a few photos so you can see how the magic works …

Pinot Gris vineyardGrowing vines on the free draining stony river terraces in Crownthorpe, Hawke’s Bay, gives our wine its unique flavour.

Pinot Gris grapes

3 aAshton and Josephine discussing Hãhã wine business.

4 aThe wonders of modern technology – this machine picks the grapes from the vines.

5 aThe machine trundles up and down each row shaking the grapes off.

6 aThe grapes are sorted and transferred from the machine into bins.

7 aCheck out those beautiful grapes – the future luscious Pinot Gris.

8 aThe next part of the process is tipping the grapes into the press.

9 aThe grapes are pressed, extracting the juice into the tanks, with the empty grape skins falling out below.

10 aAshton tasting some freshly pressed Pinot Gris grape juice.

11 aAshton and our winemaker Emma surrounded by cool tanks of delicious juice.