If you pick up a copy of the NZ Wine Technology Annual Directory 2015, you will find the Wine Industry’s Who’s Who which is “… a representation of the outstanding work, ingenuity and creativity that drives New Zealand’s wine industry”.

Next are the Innovative Wine Companies which are “… selected as a slice of the invention and creativity that keeps the New Zealand wine sector in the role of a world leader”.

Wine Technology chose Ashton Ireland, our Managing Director, for their list of Who’s Who, and Hãhã Wine as an Innovative Wine Company.

As Steve Best, the editor and one of the judges, writes, “The people [chosen] … are a fantastic representation of the incredible drive, passion, ability to think outside of the box, and hard work that leads to success ….  The companies [were selected] … purely on the criteria of creativity and innovation.”

We were chuffed to be selected for this honour, and we promise to keep up the good work.  We are delighted to be in such good company as the other wine industry people and companies featured in this magazine.  New Zealand’s wine industry is really taking off, and we’re very happy to contribute to its success.

To read the article on Ash, click here, and to read the article on Hãhã, click here.