Master of Wine, Bob Campbell, enjoyed our Hãhã 2014 Marlborough Chardonnay so much, he awarded it 90 points.

He said:  “I liked this tangy Chardonnay when I tasted it and liked it even more as I savoured a glass each evening for three days. It remained fresh and bright throughout, showing no loss of fruit or any hint of oxidation. Most of all I like the budget price for a wine of this quality (both stockists are offering at a price of $14,99). The wine has an interesting peppery character which adds interest to the dominant citrus, grapefruit and white peach flavours. It’s not oaky and shows no obvious yeast autolysis character – just pure and simple fruit flavours.”

If you love lightly oaked Chardonnays, check out the tasting note, and then head down to your nearest Hãhã stockist.  Our Chardonnay is now available for your drinking pleasure in Brazil, the Cook Islands, Denmark, Fiji, Hong Kong, Samoa, Singapore, Taiwan, The Netherlands, Tonga, and of course New Zealand.